Tattoo Finance

0% Interest, 0% Stress

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Get The Tattoo You Really Want, While Saving Money

Invest in your dreams, memories, and individuality with a tattoo. Noire Ink London offers exclusive financing options, allowing you to realise your long-awaited tattoo without worrying about immediate payment.

Instead of burdening yourself with upfront costs, you can now pay for your desired tattoo in convenient monthly instalments. This means you can finally have that jaw-dropping tattoo you’ve always dreamed of, all without dealing with excessive interest fees, depleting your rainy day funds, or waiting months to accumulate the full amount.

Whether you desire a palm-sized tattoo, a sleeve, or a backpiece, we provide affordable choices that allow you to spread your payments comfortably over 6 or 12 months.

Tattoo by Jastein Abellana, resident artist at Noire Ink, London
Your Dream Tattoo Isn’t Done All at Once… Why should your payment be?

Noire Ink London is dedicated to transforming your tattoo dreams into reality through our expertise, commitment, and artistic skill. Our team consists of nine highly talented resident artists who excel at bringing your vision to life with ink.

Creating the perfect tattoo may involve multiple sessions, but our exclusive finance program ensures a seamless experience. By booking your tattoo today, depending on artist availability, design complexity, and placement, your tattoo could be completed in as little as 4 weeks.

Even if you need to wait for a specific artist, there’s no need to worry about immediate payment. Your first instalment will be deducted from your account one month after your first session, providing you with ample time to prepare and enjoy the process.

Interest Free Finance

We work alongside No Regrets, who are the first and only tattoo studio in the UK to offer 12 months 0% interest financing.

Sure, you have a year to pay, but why drag out the completion of your tattoo that long? 

That’s right. Take one full year to pay for your tattoo with absolutely no interest. There is no faster, more flexible way to get the tattoo of your dreams, crafted by the skilled hands of our world class artists.

*We work with a third party lender who will run a credit check on your application. Upon approval, a 10% deposit will be required. (eg: a £1000 loan will require a £100 deposit to the studio. This is deducted from the amount borrowed) Further details can be provided upon request.