Philip Bladh

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Ever since I was a child making art has been my passion. I have always been interested in drawing people, animals and objects, this sparked my passion for making tattoos with realistic and surrealistic themes. I started my own “Studio 200” in Sweden, January 2019 and since then, I have constantly been working to improve my craft, accepting work where the designs challenge my abilities and allow me to express myself as an artist. When designing a tattoo, my goal is to create an artwork that you are proud to have on your body and I am proud to ad to my portfolio. I create all tattoo designs myself based on what you the customer wants, this guarantees that no one else has the same tattoo as you. I personally love to create tattoos where I have a lot of artistic freedom, preferably when the client gives me a theme or a couple of pictures to design from, this leads to more unique and interesting artworks. I am my own worst critic, which means I always strive for perfection and I look forward to hear about all your ideas.


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